Gute Nacht Mutter by Wilhelm Strienz

Gute Nacht Mutter Lyrics by Wilhelm Strienz

Watch video clip or Download mp3 version for this song Gute Nacht Mutter, gute Nacht Hast an mich jede Stunde gedacht. Hast dich gesorgt, gequält Um deinen Jungen, Hast ihn des Abends Ein Schlaflied gesungen. Gute Nacht Mutter, gute Nacht Hab dir Kummer und Sorgen gemacht. Du hast verziehen mir, Du hast gewacht, Gute Nacht […]

Tamanna Urdu Nasheed by Ehsaan Tahmid

Tamanna muddaton se hai Lyrics by Ehsaan Tahmid

Tamanna muddaton se hai is sung by nasheed Ehsaan Tahmid and its lyrics are as shown below. Watch video clip or Download Mp3  version Tamanna muddaton se hai jamaal-e-Mustafa dekhoo Tamanna muddaton se hai jamaal-e-Mustafa dekhoo Imam-ul-Ambiya dekhoo, Habeeb-e-Kibriya dekhoo Woh jinke dam qadam se subah ne bhi raushni payee Woh jinke dam qadam se subah […]

Sean Paul - No Lie ft. Dua Lipa

[3:48] Sean Paul – No Lie ft. Dua Lipa Lyrics, mp3, Video clip

Get Mp3 “No Lie” Lyrics (feat. Dua Lipa) [Dua Lipa:] Feel your eyes, they all over me Don’t be shy, take control of me Get the vibe it’s gonna be lit tonight[Sean Paul:] Baby girl yuh a carry ten ton a fatness, gimme some a dat Mixed with the badness, look how she act Shaped like […]

Gossip Girl Lyrics – Grace Vanderwaal

Hugs and kisses Best friends forever, you tell me Pinky swears and bracelets Always telling secrets At slumber parties Not trying to point any fingers But I’ve heard the whispers, going around Not trying to point you out here Just making the facts clear, that I have found You’re the gossip girl I thought you […]

Beautiful Thing Lyrics – Grace Vanderwaal

You think that you know my heart And you probably do So I’m always with you I could stay with you for hours In an empty room Never get bored Never have nothing to do You’re my other half You’re what makes me me What makes me smile When I fall down and can’t get […]

Light The Sky Lyrics – Grace Vanderwaal

Stars, they got nothing on us I don’t think you understand Let’s go out and do something we’d never do Cause I feel like I can do anything when My head is spinning and my feet off the ground When I can’t stop dancing like no one’s around And yeah, I think we were born […]

Clay Lyrics – Grace Vanderwaal

You see a girl in the hallway And then you whisper to your friend Who is she anyway You forgot what she looks like in like a day But your words don’t hurt me I will be okay Cause you don’t hurt me I won’t mold to Your silly words I won’t live in such […]

I Don’t Know My Name Lyrics – Grace Vanderwaal

I don’t know my name I don’t play by the rules of the game So you say I’m just trying Just trying So I heard you are my sister’s friend You get along quite nicely You ask me why I cut my hair And changed myself completely I don’t know my name I don’t play […]

Unsweet Lyrics – Dnce

Don’t know history, except for your own, your own That lipstick on your teeth don’t bother you none, no none ‘Cause there’s something ’bout how raw you are It’s kinda beautiful and makes you feel alive, alive It’s so magical, the way you walk Yeah the way you talk, you got me hypnotized I-I-I-I-I-, I […]

Pay My Rent Lyrics – Dnce

Been running now, running so smoothly We’ll never slow down Been thinkin’ now, thinking down on one knee Time to say it out loud When you love so good Wanna give you every hour If you said you could I would give you all the power [Chorus:] But would you pay my rent? Would you […]