Zoom Lyrics – Dnce

Baby, put on your high heels Run the show and let’s just run away Yeah, I got the plan to kill the blues And all it’s gonna take it you and me I got a full tank lady and I’m ready to drive I got a full tank baby, just look up at the sky […]

Be Mean Lyrics – Dnce

Say you like the torture honey Don’t forget the whip My left hand’s getting loose Don’t let me slip Said you got some handcuffs We’ll throw out the key I don’t need a safe word Bet you not gonna save me If pain’s what you like Torture me all night Keep on burnin’, love how […]

Truthfully Lyrics – Dnce

One, two, three Yeah, yeah, yeah I was always the one dodging phone calls From every girl that I met in my bed But then you came around like a brick wall You knocked me out, out of my head Had me treating my Mondays like Fridays Had me flying so high with no smoke […]